The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views !OBrowse reviewed Hi Andrew For people like me residing down under it would be great if you can put it on the store if you can. If not can you charge my store account and send me a copy by email !OBrowse reviewed Hi Andrew - yes, USB stick would be fine. I'd be happy to put the software on there. !OBrowse reviewed Good work Andrew. :-( My preferred option would be to download it via the !Pling store. Alternatively, I could always send you a USB stick. If that's possible? !OBrowse reviewed Thanks George. Certainly !OBrowser will provide that level of integration. I basically coded in all the RISC OS protocols I could sensibly think of into the front end, that could be then passed on to the Otter engine. !OBrowse reviewed Thanks for the clarification, Andrew. FWIW I've been an Otter user since Chris Gransden did the first port two years or more ago, so I am quite familiar with what the freebie version can, and can't, do. !OBrowse reviewed Or, since you know it is from R-Comp and Orpheus (the two stands where you could pick it up at the show), you could call us, or email us, and have a CD in your lap a day or two later. !OBrowse reviewed Fair enough, but why confine yourself to those potential ‘investors’ who happened to be at the show? Surely it’s not beyond the wit of man to host the app on ROOL downloads, or via !Packman, and thereby attract substantially greater uptake (and cash). !OBrowse reviewed Judging by the announcement that was made on the ROOL forums, for non-investors the only way of getting hold of OBrowse was to buy a CD at the London Show, because the RISC OS Developments company isn't set up to allow them to sell things (yet?) !OBrowse reviewed Me too! I regularly use Otter on RISC OS and would willingly cough up the requisite 40 quid, if only someone (RO Developments?) would tell us where we can get !OBrowse.... Aemulor I hadn't seen that they'd migrated to Qt - interesting. And the sources are now in a Mercurial repository so it's good news all round.